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From spring 1997 till the end of 2000, I was taking a picture at random place in Moscow, Russia, approximately once a week, with a digital camera. Follows the first picture, taken thru the (dusty) office window on April 29th 1997:

Sunset from the office window

(full size - 640x480, 40 to 50 Kb)
PhotoPC 500 Snapshots up to N 89 (3 Aug 1989) where taken with Epson PhotoPC 500 camera that I purchased from TruCost on April 6th 1997, and received on April 29th (and unexpectedly had to pay 50% customs duty, oh, my God!). This is a "point & shoot" camera: it has a focus-free lens, and no manual control for the shutter speed and aperture. Although, with the resolution of 640x480 and internal storage for 100 frames (with an additional 4Mb SIMM) it seems adequate for most Web publishing tasks.

PhotoPC 500 Starting from N 90, I was taking pictures with Olympus D-600L which is much better (and more expensive!).

Look here for detailes about the program that I use to download the pictures to a UNIX machine and some references to digital camera related resources.

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