Loading Certification Authority Certificate

From this page you can add Average Certification Authority certificate into the local certificate database of your WWW browser (Netscape of whatever). By doing this, you tell your browser that you trust this authority and that the browser need not warn you when you are retreiving a secure document from a server that has a cerificate signed by this authority.

This authority is totally unofficial and is created for experimental purposes only. You should not trust it too much!

Note 1: It is normal that this certificate is signed by itself. This is the way certification authorities' certificates usually are.

Note 2: It is theoretically possible (but highly improbable) that your connection to this server is faked, and you will receive wrong certificate. If you are paranoid about this, try to get the certificate fingerprint by other (non-electronic) means and compare it with that of the certificate downloaded from here.

Now decide if this certificate should be loaded:

Yes, load certificate into browser

Yes, download certificate in PKCS#12 format

No, go back